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Trade Show Booth Success Tips 1 thru 15

Getting a positive ROI from a trade show booth is tough.

The benefits of exhibiting at a trade show can surpass any marketing or growth technique. Trillions of business deals are done at trade shows every year. The biggest and best trade show booths definitely have the edge, but not all are successful.

Why is that?

Some businesses seem to have the secret recipe for networking at trade shows. It’s no secret, it’s simply this:Read More

Trade Shows/Events Postponed as Hurricane Irma Upgraded Again to a Cat 5 Storm

Just 2 weeks after Hurricane Harvey wreaked obliteration on the Texas Coast, Hurricane Irma now is hurtling toward a strike in Florida, prompting organizers to postpone events or ending them earlier than scheduled.

With the state of Florida declaring a state of emergency in 67 counties, the opening of the Miami International Auto Show,Read More

Wow the Crowd With a Smaller Trade Show Booth

Never underestimate the power of a small trade show booth. You may assume that bigger is always better, but you would be wrong. The truth of the matter is that planning, creativity, enthusiasm, and an engaging custom exhibit design, all trump booth size - every single time.

Honestly, a big, flashy, trade show booth can be deeply flawed. There are many mistakes that can be easily made when implementing a trade show exhibit design in such a large space. For instance, one can be tempted to fill the entire space with text and images, creating an overwhelming effect that drives viewers away with a headache. An overall rule of thumb for trade show booth designs is that they should be 40% empty space.Read More

18 Ideas for Boosting Trade Show Marketing

For many organizations, trade events represent the largest financial chunk of an overall marketing strategy. To guarantee that you get the maximum return on your trade show dollar, spend some time planning creative touches that can help you stand out from the crowd. Here are 18 ideas you can use to put together a memorable trade show presence that will get people talking before, during and after the event.Read More

6 Creative Ways to Connect (Engage) With Attendees

When you’re exhibiting at a trade show, success is closely tied to your ability to spark interest among those walking the floor. Your booth must be memorable and engaging — not only visually, but also from a content perspective. While your booth design may have already been finalized, there are still many things you can do now to ensure a stimulating presence at your upcoming trade event.
1. Leverage social media. Before and during the show, use Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram to excite attendees about your booth.Read More

Increase Your Event Traffic - Employ these Three Experiential Ideas

After putting in the time and effort planning your event, have you ever looked around your event booth and realized the amount of people in attendance is, well… scarce?

So where are all the people? I know my product is great!

You need to be adamant about designing an event attraction that gets people fired up while attending. No matter how incredible you think your product or service might be!Read More

10 Top Traits That Show You Are A Born Event Coordinator

If an event coordinator uses technology wisely he/she can gain an advantage over their competitors. Various kinds of event software tools help to make event projects run smoothly. It’s true the world of event coordination has changed tremendously in the last few years, especially as newer technologies are making their way into making things better.

There are event management qualities that some event coordinators/managers, are just inherently born with. It is these qualities that distinguish a remarkable event coordinator from an okay one. If you have these qualities, you can say that you are born an event coordinator and are intended to be incredible in your job. Read More

Five Tips for Closing More Deals at Your Events and Trade Shows

Sell paths convert leads to customers. The easier that path is, the less customers have to give up to make a purchase, and the more valuable your product becomes to them.

So how can you simplify your sell path to close more sales and convert more leads to customers? Here are five of our favourite tips and examples.

Five Tips For Designing a Deal-Closing Sell Path

#1: Offer immediate gratification: Since not all purchases can be made on site, try and give your attendees a taste of what they want to purchase while they’re at your event. Read More

75 Of The Hottest SEO Social Media & Digital Analytics Tools For Brand Marketers

In online brand marketing, having the right software and analytics tools can make a major difference. For showing Supervisors or clients, a good program can demonstrate the value of your work and save you time.

An extensive list of analytics programs for SEO and social media.

A few notes:
This is not a complete list, but it is one of the bigger lists and represents a sizeable amount of what’s available out there. The entries aren’t in any particular order. Many of the analytics programs also have some type of tool aspect — so you can take action on what you learn through analytics — and I included those, as well. There seems to be a natural progression in which tools add analytics elements and analytics programs add tools. Read More

4 Ways To Boost Traffic To Your Tradeshow Booth

You have to do something special to stand out from the competition at tradeshow booth. From the decision on upgrading your old display to hand-picking the best relationship oriented sales people to man your show booth. There are so many options to improve your visibility at your next show exhibition.

Use these four tips to boost traffic at your tradeshow booth to get more customers and expand your brand identity. Read More

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