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A List of Ten Terrific Themes for Corporate Events

Whether you're planning business meetings, brainstorming sessions, galas, or team building, the right theme will set the tone for corporate events. Themes can also be instrumental in conveying complex information during presentations, conferences and training and development programs.

Use your theme to drive decisions about venues, menu selections, messaging, graphics, music and entertainment.

Here are 10 ideas to get your creative juices flowing whenever you need to come up with themes for corporate events.

1.Construction Theme
A construction theme can add a creative touch when you are offering training about building constructive team relationships, constructing a new location or launching a new computer system.

Build the theme with Lego and construction toys and tools. Have presenters wear hard hats, construction clothing and boots.

Construction Event Venue Ideas: Any meeting or event venue overlooking a construction site. Venues with dramatic architectural designs. Legoland.

2.Rubik's Cube CakeRubik's Cube:
Ideal for corporate events that involve teams, Rubik's Cube is a scalable theme that adds a splash of color to any event.

Create the theme with Rubik's cubes on tables, colored table clothes or plates, and even a Rubik's Cube cake (see photo). Ask guests to come in their assigned team color.

Event Venue Ideas: Square-shaped glasshouses, galleries and art hotels with colorful walls and bold designs will reflect this theme.

3.James Bond:
When searching for new business opportunities or solutions to challenging business issues, James Bond events will help your team think outside the box.

Event Venue Ideas: Best places for James Bond events is Jamaica

4.Luxury Cars:
For kick-offs, sales events or to inspire employees to reach new targets, Formula One, Ferrari, or Lamborghini events are a perfect fit. Convey the theme with posters, videos and racing wear for presenters.

Event Venue Ideas: Treat your team to a real Formula One event. Some car dealerships have event spaces; or use venues like Ferrari World.

5.Chocolate BarChocolate Fantasy:
Just for fun.

Event Venue Ideas: Bakeries, cooking schools, chocolate factories, and chocolate theme parks.

Reunions cry out for a homecoming theme. Invite former CEOs and employees.

Event Venue Ideas: University venues or college venues are a great fit for homecoming.

Perfect for mergers.

Event Venue Ideas: Send out formal invitations. Host the event at any wedding venue and pull out all the stops.

8.Arabian desert set-upDesert Survival:
A perfect fit for designing strategies to thrive in the midst of turbulence or uncover hidden business opportunities.

Event Venue Ideas: Deserts. Consult Cvent Event Blog features about American style desert safaris and desert survival events in Dubai.

9.1001 Arabian Nights:
When you want to add the wow factor for galas and parties, add the wow factor. Create this theme or desert survival at any indoor or outdoor venue with Persian carpets, low tables, tents, and divan seating or cushions.

Event Venue Ideas: Middle Eastern or Persian Restaurants.

10.Wilderness Survival:
This theme is ideal when charting a new course or rolling out a new strategy.

Event Venue Ideas: Conservation areas, forests and wilderness retreats in Canada and around the world.

These are just a few ideas. Brainstorm. Look to movies, reality TV, games shows and music as sources of inspiration. Let your content and core messaging drive your theme and have fun with it.

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